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The Culinary Arts at the Castle

Since 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel has provided world-class dining experiences for our guests. From Afternoon Tea to cocktails in the old lobby of the hotel – Rundle Bar, the tradition of culinary excellence is not new to the hotel.


Deeply rooted in our history and practiced over the last 130 years, we’ve built a culinary program that is supported by four pillars. These pillars have allowed the Castle to bring the best food and drink to anyone that walks through our doors, allowed our offering to grow to 10+ venues, millions of covers served, a widely respected apprenticeship program and more. The four pillars; food made in-house, locally sourced ingredients, deep community & local presence & our chefs, have allowed our story to unfold in a meaningful & impactful way.

Let us take you through our culinary story.

Pillar One

Our culinary heritage has taken the sam


We source whole animals from local farms to butcher on site. This helps to ensure we’re always working with the best cuts of meat and allows us to provide training opportunities for our culinary apprentices.

Herbs & Greens

Our kitchens grow their own herbs, greens and small vegetables in our roof-top greenhouse and Urban Cultivator located in STOCK
Food & Drink, just off the main lobby.

Baked Goods

Located in the heart of the castle, our bakery supplies fresh bread, baguettes and pastries to all our restaurants and kitchens every day.


With unique combinations of spices, our team spends time each week preserving small batches of local ramps, mustard, asparagus, beans, full kosher pickles and beets.

Something sweet

From sugar cookies to wedding cakes, to delicate macaroons to decadent desserts for large occasions, our pastries kitchen is always turning out deliciously sweet creations.


Lamb – Sungold Farms

Innisfall, Alberta
A local operation focused on providing high-quality lamb and goat products for niche kitchens.

Legumes & Squash – Sudo Farms

Lethbridge, Alberta
Sudo Farms produces a range of specialty vegetables, including Chinese cabbage, snow peas, snap peas, pumpkins, zucchini, and beans.

Cheeses – Fairwinds Farm

Fort Macleod, Alberta
Ben and Anita have been farming together for 25 years with their family. They began to milk and produce goat products in 1999.

Pork – Primrose Farm

Camrose, Alberta
Passionate about the work they do, Primrose farms producers raise their animals according to a strict code of humane animal handling using sustainable practices.

Root Vegetables – Leffers Organics

Coaldale, Alberta
Leffers Farm is owned and operated by the Leffers brothers, Howard and Cornelius, and has been producing organic produce since 2002.

Beef – BEnchmark Angus

Warner, Alberta
Benchmark Angus is a third generation ranch that has been breeding purebred Angus cattle since 1960 in Alberta’s true cattle country.

Fresh Produce – Red Hat Farms

Medicine Hat, Alberta
Ten Southern Alberta families with a shared passion for growing the freshest produce founded the Red Hat co-operative in 1966.

Ocean Wise Recommended Sustainable Seafood

Working with suppliers in Vancouver & Canada’s East Coast, we strive to serve only Ocean Wise recommended sustainable seafood in all our restaurants and on our banquet menus. This big change is making a big difference!



Canmore based gin distillery – Wild Life Distillery has been a years long relationship. Recently the hotel had partnered with Wild Life to come up with an exclusive gin – to be served and sold exclusively at the Castle.

Eat The Castle

This designated Canadian Signature Experience allows guests of the hotel to indulge in some amazing dishes, all prepared in house. Learn about the Castle culinary story while trying some really great eats – currently on hiatus.

To-Go Kits

For major holidays the hotel’s Chefs have been hard at work creating to-go kits that provide meals of the highest quality to those wishing to make and indulge at home. This year the Thanksgiving To-Go Kit features some classic favourites.


Every summer the town of Banff has a Farmers Market that allows local business to sell locally produced food, drinks and more. Every year chefs participating in the culinary program at the hotel and encouraged to take ownership of the stall and produce and sell the products they make. Teaching young chefs the value of community roots & entreprenurailship.


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