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Fairmont Banff Springs, Golf Course


Stay and play the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course.

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Golf Courses – Play 18 or 9 hole courses

With two stunning golf courses, the only decision you need to make is whether you have time for 18 stunning holes of golf or 9. Alberta’s finest golf experience includes access to our driving range, putting greens and more.


Fairmont Banff Springs, Golf Course

Stanley Thompson 18

Stanley Thompson, master golf course architect, used his expert talent when he designed the original 18 holes in 1928. This course winds along the Bow River under the snow-capped peaks of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle.

Course Stats:
Course Designer Stanley Thompson
Built 1927
Holes 18
Par 71
Length 6,938 yards
White Slope 126, Rating 69.7
Gold Slope 133, Rating 71.3

Rates & Tee Times

Stanley Thompson 18 Course – Pro Tips

Hole 1
Pro Tip – Peechee is the perfect opening hole to ease any golfer into their game. Tee your shot along the right side of the fairway and the golfer is rewarded with the best angle into the green. Your approach shot should be left short of the pin allowing for aggressive uphill putts.

Hole 3
Pro Tip – A good drive tempts one to go for the green in two. Most golfers will have a better chance at birdie with a well-placed lay-up than the risks associated with missing the green going for it in two. A rock wall towering over the green from behind makes the flagstick seem closer so trust your yardage or risk leaving the ball short of the pin, facing a long tricky putt.

TROUGH – Par 4
Hole 5
Pro Tip – A golfer must be prepared to play all shots in their bag to earn par on this hole. A demanding tee shot between two large fairway bunkers sets up a sidehill approach to a green that is deceptively long and well protected by deep bunkers. This hole turns golfers back towards the Clubhouse on the second shot and they often miss the new wind direction blowing above the tree line. The green is longer than it appears so don’t be afraid to hit the yardage.

HOODOO – Par 5
Hole 7
Pro Tip – With length, this green is available in two. A tee shot should cheat along the left side and travel over the edge of the fairway bunker, leaving a glimpse of the green for your second shot. The green is three greens deep making it necessary to know the pin location to hit enough club. Beware, the green slopes gently from front to back.

JINX – Par 5
Hole 9
Pro Tip – Originally the 13th hole, this hole begins at the green. A wide landing area, including the trench along the right side, leaves golfers with a great chance to get their second shot on the green or within 100 yards. The green is large with a severe slope from left to right. A premium shot puts the ball below the hole with shots missed left of the pin or green very difficult to get close on the next stroke.

MAGPIE – Par 4
Hole 11
Pro Tip- What you see is what you get as this straight away hole holds no secrets. A generous landing area is often only complicated when the prevailing wind blows from green to tee. False fools with golfers approach shots. The green is generous, with bunkers on the right and behind and a large tree covering the left side.

Hole 13
Pro Tip – The longest par 3 on the course, this hole is inviting to straight golf shots as the green has no protection in front. Shots missed to either side leave tough recovery shots. The green is more subtle in the front and rises up to a flat plateau in back.

SPRAY – Par 4
Hole 15
Pro Tip – Two options await you for your tee shot. The shot from the top of the world at the base of the hotel or the original tee shot from just below the Waldhaus Pub patio. A straight forward drive leaves golfers with another straight forward shot to an accessible green. Avoiding the front right pot bunker is recommended. The wind changes at hole 15 after seven holes of consistent expectations. Golfers must recalibrate accordingly.

Hole 17
Pro Tip – This short hole sets up for a birdie. Consider using a fairway wood to place your tee shot. Tee shots should favour the right side taking the front left bunker out of sight for your approach shot. The green is long so trusted the yardage to get your approach shot close. The green slopes front to back receiving highly lofted shots and demanding speed judgement on putts

RUNDLE – Par 3
Hole 2
Pro Tip – The hardest part of playing this hole is not being overwhelmed by the beautiful views. Backdropped by Rundle Mountain, this par 3 boasts a large green that angles to the left, away from the tee. Tee shots should focus on being below the hole and many golfers should be aware of the risk of short siding themselves as the green has a lot of movement.

Hole 4
Pro Tip – This par 3 yields the most hole-in-ones of any course because of the bowl-shaped green complex that feeds the ball back into its centre. Some words of advice: playing short is not an option and bunkers on the right side should be avoided as recovery from them is difficult. Favour the left side as the bank is more forgiving.

Hole 6
Pro Tip – This green is the smallest on the course and the hole offers a break off the tee with a large landing area. In order to leave yourself a makeable birdie on this elevated green, precise yardage and accuracy are key. With no room for error on the approach as short shots roll back off the green which can lead into a difficult bunker shot back to a green that slopes away from every angle.

Hole 8
Pro Tip – With the sound of the soothing flow of water, this hole is the first along the river. The green is subtly crowned with any shot not carrying far enough onto the green falling off. Shots missed on the front right of the green end up in the water with the remainder of the green being protected by bunkers. The wind is often missed as the trees behind the green block its presence.

Hole 10
Pro Tip – With Tunnel Mountain as a backdrop, golfers face a choice; play safe to the left edge of the green taking the water and most birdie chances out of play or take a more aggressive line bringing the water of ‘the little bow’, named after its big brother the bow river, flowing off the front right of the green. The green is humped in the middle leading most longer putts to contemplate an up and downhill at some point in their journey.

BIG BOW – Par 4
Hole 12
Pro Tip – Once ranked by Canada’s top amateur and professional golfers as Canada’s best par four, this hole requires four focused shots to earn par. Long drivers can reach the fairway bunker complex on the left making the middle of the fairway your target. The further left off the tee the straighter the shot into the welcoming green. The front of the green is expansive and safe while the back half calls for accuracy as the green is only 10 yards wide.

WAMPUM – Par 4
Hole 14
Pro Tip – Called the grand prize, this hole is backdropped by the hotel. A tight landing area for the driver awaits. The second shot is mostly over a fairway bunker complex on the right side that can make the green seem farther away than it is. The green angles left to right from front to back with a slight elevation and regular wind to contend with. The green has subtle rolls but is very readable.

GOAT – Par 4
Hole 16
Pro Tip – The hole does not dog leg as much as you think. A tee shot over the right side of the fairway bunker puts you in prime position for your approach shot. Shots leaking right brings the bunker complex to the right of the green into play. The green slopes upward front to back and has a distinct left side and lower down the right side. Approach shots should carry all the way to the pin to take advantage of a receptive green and birdies.

WINDY – Par 5
Hole 18
Pro Tip- The drive sets up this hole. Aim at the left side fairway bunker placed straight ahead off the tee and allow the wind to move it to the right. The second shot requires a decision based on distance and your lie whether you try to carry the two large fairway bunkers or lay up behind them. The hole narrows all the way up to the green that is elevated from the front of the fairway making it important to fly the ball to the green as opposed to bumping and running it up.


Fairmont Banff Springs, Golf Course

Tunnel mountain 9

In 1989, the course was complemented with the construction of an adjoining 9 holes, designed by Cornish and Robinson, resulting in 27 holes of championship Alberta golf.

Course Stats:
Course Designer Cornish and Robinson
Built 1989
Holes 9
Par 36
Length 3,287 yards
White Slope 125, Rating 68.2
Gold Slope 128, Rating 70.8

Rates & Tee Times

Tunnel Mountain 9 Course – Pro Tips

Hole 1
Pro Tip – The key to playing the very first hole is to remember that your drives should favour the right side of the fairway. Putting on this green tends to fool players so pay extra attention while reading your putts.

WAPITI – Par 3
Hole 3
Pro Tip – This is a big green so the closer your shot is to the flagstick the better your chance of keeping your putts to two or less. When you first set up your shot, your drive should bite off as much of the right side of the fairway as it can. Leaving you with the shortest distance to the hole for your second shot.

Hole 5
Pro Tip – In order to have the ideal approach shot your drive should favour the left side of the green. Keeping in mind that this green also slopes severely to the front will help you to avoid the bunkers or a blind uphill chip.

Hole 7
Pro Tip – A large and receptive landing zone allows you to be aggressive with your drive. This green is narrow and wide and falls from the right to the left helping your approach shot to stop quickly.

CASTLE – Par 4
Hole 9
Pro Tip – Normally played directly into the wind, your drive must be played between the two fairway bunkers. Another large green means if you can get the ball near the flagstick you can earn a distinct advantage. At this hole take a minute to enjoy the spectacular views!

AYLMER – Par 4
Hole 2
Pro Tip – Aylmer provides the perfect opportunity for golfers to score well, early on! This green tends to slope, so a drive down the middle will leave you with a relatively short second shot to the green.

Hole 4
Pro Tip – This tee shot will require some height in order to reach the elevated green. At the green, you need the proper combination of speed and line to make any putts. Once you’ve done that you’ve mastered the toughest par three in Banff!

GROTTO – Par 5
Hole 6
Pro Tip – Grotto has three distinct areas; front, back right and back left. Crossing between these areas will require good line judgement and remembering that your drives should favour the ride side of the fairway.

TUNNEL – Par 3
Hole 8
Pro Tip – Tunnel is a short hole with a large green and can look like a birdie, but golfer should not be so easily deceived. High winds that aren’t felt at the tee make it important for the golfer to determine proper yardage from the multiple tee options and adjust for the wind.

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