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Fairmont Collaboration Request

Thank you for your interest. Our partnership program is now accepting requests for the winter season. Please complete and submit our Influencer Collaboration Request Form for consideration.


How to Request a Visit

If you are a blogger or photographer specializing in luxury travel, food and drink, or adventure, we are keen to collaborate with you! We evaluate all requests based on a number of factors, and due to a high volume of requests, we are not able to support everyone. Our priority at this time is to support BIPOC content creators. Please review the basic guidelines carefully to see if your account would be a good fit with our brand.

Below are our minimum requirements for influencers:
• Preferred Channels – Instagram & Blog
• Minimum of 15,000 Instagram followers
• Engagement Rate (likes and comments of a post / followers): minimum of 2.4% per 10k-100k followers, 2% per 100k-1m, 1.7% per 1m-10m+

Due to high demand periods throughout the year, our mountain region resorts implement several blackout periods in which we are not able to accommodate visits. Specific dates are listed below; however, additional dates may be added due to business levels.

Current blackout periods are:

  • December
  • Summer/Fall Season | June 15 through mid-October
  • Special & Signature Events
  • Statutory & Holiday Periods

We encourage mid-week and off-peak visits, mid-October to November and January to April in particular, excluding Special & Signature Events and/or Statutory & Holiday Periods.

How It Works

We would be delighted to collaborate with bloggers and photographers who have a specific angle that supports our brand identity and guest experience. A minimum of four weeks advance notice is required for a visit, along with the fully completed Request Form, available below. Each submission is evaluated on a case-by-case basis; however, due to the high volume of requests received, we are not able to fulfill all requests.

Upon request approval, specific deliverables and tagging requirements will be provided for your trip. The amount of deliverables and tagged posts will depend on your follower and engagement numbers, length of stay and activities you are provided with.

Collaboration Request Form