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Discover Mountain tranquillity at Fairmont Spa. For over a century, this serene alpine sanctuary has beckoned anyone seeking respite with its heavenly views of the Rockies and expansive offering of reenergizing treatments. Unwind to the sounds of rushing waterfalls, bathe yourself in curative mineral pools, detox in the eucalyptus-scented sauna, and let the crisp mountain air renew your senses at our award-winning spa.

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Our Product Philosophy

The products we use are essential to an unforgettable spa experience. We have chosen Kerstin Florian International, Tata Harper, Tata Spa Therapy, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, and our own Fairmont Spa Reviving spa and skincare lines for the quality, care, and holistic philosophies that each of these brands stands for.

Spa Treatments

Ultimate Ascent 120 Minutes

Experience deep relaxation with a warm, aromatic footbath and foot scrub, followed by a gentle dry-brush exfoliation and a soothing, hydrating massage. A warm wrap and a gentle face and foot massage complete your journey to tranquility—and rediscovered energy.

Rose Renewal 90 Minutes

Enjoy a gentle dry-brush exfoliation to stimulate your skin and improve circulation, followed by a mineral rich bath to deeply nourish, detoxify and rebalance the body. The experience culminates with a soothing massage and wrap with rose-geranium and rose flower oil, cultivated in the interior of British Columbia. Pure indulgence for you, your skin and your attitude.

Redefining Body Wrap 90 Minutes

This deeply hydrating body treatment awakens, rejuvenates and renews the skin. Experience a smoothing body scrub followed by nourishing body massage and wrap delivering a firm, healthy look. Treatment promotes skin elasticity while helping to plump and fortify its appearance. Reactivate elasticity, deliver deep, long-lasting moisture to leave skin soft and supple. Enjoy an additional glow restoring mini-facial with your retreat.

Majestic Blue 90 Minutes

The colour of glaciers, rivers and the sky, blue carries connotations of peace and tranquility. It also underscores this healing experience. Featuring organic mountain lavender (also known as “blue magic”), the treatment includes an invigorating mineral-salt exfoliation, a luxurious wrap and massage with organic essences, including the scalp and feet.

Serenity Ritual 60 Minutes

This aromatherapy treatment promotes overall tranquility and serenity helping transform mood and energy. It begins with a body polish which perfects and deeply hydrates every inch of the body while calming and comforting dry skin. Followed by a relaxing massage with frankincense essential oils which deepens your breathing and relaxes your mind and body. While Rose Otto gently alleviates anxiety and strengthens the inner spirit.

Rockies Rehydration 60 Minutes

If your time in the Rockies has dehydrated your skin, this experience will replenish it. Following a dry-brush exfoliation, a rich mineral cream—blended with organic essences of revitalizing neroli blossom, lavender or ginger oil—is massaged into your skin, absorbed while you are cocooned in warm blankets. Drift peacefully while your face, scalp, neck and feet are treated to a soothing massage.

Seasonings Feet First 60 Minutes

Massaging reflex points on the feet and hands relieves tension throughout the body. In this head-to-toe experience, a foot-soak and scrub is followed by a foot and hand massage, focusing on vital energy points. While skin absorbs the essential oils, you are pampered with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Perfect for any season.

Radiant Forest Glow 60 minutes

Forest essence. Aromatherapy infused to promote a deep sense of relaxation, inner calm and mind/body rejuvenation A full body experience addressing dry skin conditions, uneven skin texture and tone, muscle tension, fatigue, stress and skin irritations. Where the skin is immersed and nourished with a range of omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants and other phyto-nutrients. The body is gently exfoliated with a whipped luxurious polish and cleanser. To finish a refreshing and hydrating forest elements body lotion completes the treatment. Skin is left with a remarkable smoothness and silky texture that is long lasting and glowing.

Mountain Hot Stone 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

This customized massage uses specific techniques to release and relieve deep-seated tension. The use of hot basalt river stones is interspersed with that of healing hands and our warmed balancing oil – a blend of lavender, ylang ylang, ginger and eucalyptus. This combination relieves tight muscles and improves mobility, while the aromatic oil uplifts the senses.

$269 | $359
Muscle Recovery Deep Tissue Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

This strong-pressure massage enhances muscle recovery by targeting the areas that are sore from exercise or just tension of daily life. Deep muscle work is combined with stretching, rocking and circulation- enhancing strokes to move lactic acid out of the system. Mild soreness can be a result.

$239 | $319
Cupping Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

This focused massage, inspired by ancient Chinese medicine, pairs the tradition of placing suction cups on selected areas of the body with therapeutic massage techniques to produce deeper results. This treatment is designed to relieve muscle tension, stress, promote lymphatic drainage and increase circulation.

$239 | $319
Stress Relief - Medium Pressure Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

This customized, medium-pressure massage focuses on the areas of your body that are most tense – including your head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet – and involves the use of muscle-melting massage oil. This is a great selection after a stressful day.

$229 | $309
Alpine Aromatherapy Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

This personalized experience with light to medium pressure massage will help you find energy and balance throughout the day. Customize your massage with one of the following aromatherapy blends: Lavender for calming, Neroli Blossom for renewal or Ginger for soothing.

$229 | $309
Destination Rejuvenation Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

A selection of essential oils (to combat jet lag or facilitate altitude adjustment) distinguishes this medium-pressure massage. Focusing on the areas affected by frequent travel—legs, neck, back, shoulders and feet—this treatment helps to regulate sleep, hydrate skin, relieve tension headaches and restore energy.

$229 | $309
Mother-To-Be Massage 60 Minute

This pampering experience – designed with the safety of the mother and child in mind – involves gentle or unscented oils and support cushions for optimum comfort.

Nature's True Indulgence Facial 90 Minutes

This exclusive ninety minute facial includes a Quadruple – Masque System to act on each level of the skin delivering lifting, hydrating and correcting effects. Advanced muscle relaxing neuropeptides instantly reduce wrinkles, reinforce collagen and restore the skin’s youthful cushion. Enjoy a luxurious Ageless Hand Treatment and signature facial massages to stimulate healthy circulation. Revive your tired eyes with a thermal-eye therapy masque that will reduce signs of fatigue and immediately give you radiant and healthy skin.

Tranqillow Facial 90 Minutes

Pure, organic essences; exfoliating fruit enzymes; wild, mineral-rich moor mud; and nourishing whole-plant serums refine and feed the skin while facial muscles are toned with a unique contour-lifting massage. Includes back treatment. Optional hair treatment with organic lavender also available.

Advanced Correcting Facial 90 Minutes

Producing immediate results with the latest advances in skin-care products, this facial—based on a 30% multi-acid exfoliation, and using a state-of-the-art vitamin C essence —is customized to address and correct specific aging concerns, including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, uneven texture and premature aging. It involves a deepcleansing massage and a hydrating mask that will leave the skin vibrant.

Glacial Reflections Facial 90 Minutes

Enhance your mountain escape with this locally inspired facial, ideal for all skin types. A rosehip tea and an aromatic pine footbath relax and prepare you for a balancing rosehip facial massage, a moisturizing masque, and a temple and scalp treatment performed with glacial globes. An experience as unforgettable as Banff itself.

Brightening Luminescence Facial 60 Minutes

This results-oriented treatment is specifically designed to address hyper pigmentation and premature aging. Includes an exfoliating multi-acid peel on the face, neck, décolleté and hands to revitalize your appearance, a deep-cleansing massage to promote circulation, and a unique brightening mask to immediately illuminate the skin.

Vitamin Boost Facial 60 Minutes

Refine skin tone and texture for a look of natural radiance with essential vitamins C and E, and restorative minerals. This treatment delivers superstar antioxidants, fights free radicals, helps to boost collagen, heals and improves overall skin health, and reduces inflammation. Includes a gentle pearl polish, and a vitamin-rich spirulina and CoQ10 ampoule for powerhouse nourishing.

Purifying Detox Facial 60 Minutes

Just like a juice cleanse for your skin! Created to address all skin types and reverse environmental signs of aging. This treatment is a comprehensive detoxification for your skin featuring unique purifying products, powered by fruit enzymes, purple clay and essential oils. Focused deep cleansing of congested pores.

Sensitive Skin Facial 60 Minutes

Sensitive skin is caused by many things—including environmental stress, rosacea, aggressive medical peels and laser treatments. Whatever the cause, this customized, gentle approach improves your skin’s tolerance to irritations, reduces inflammation and renews skin’s natural defenses.

Custom Cleanse Facial 60 Minutes

Tailored to your specific needs to provide the maximum benefit, this anti-aging facial transforms the skin as it firms, hydrates, refines and tones. It features skin-renewing antioxidant formulas, marine proteins, a contouring and lifting massage technique, and a hydrating mask. Your treatment concludes with a personalized home-care consultation. The whole experience can be customized to address sensitive skin conditions.

Gentlemen's Facial 60 Minutes

This deep-cleansing and revitalizing facial experience is designed specifically for the special needs of men’s skin, including exfoliation and razor-burn relief. To complete the treatment, a face, neck and shoulder massage is performed, making this a traditional barber experience (without the shave). Additional care is taken to analyze the skin for sensitivities and specific conditions.

Alpine Glow K-Lift Facial 60 minutes

Results – Tightening with K-Lift technology

Energize and transform your skin with this high-performance treatment that includes an exfoliating multi-acid peel for the face, neck and decollete. A Red LED Light and an Impulse Micro-Current help cells rejuvenate, accelerate cell repair, re-educate muscle tone and trigger DNA regeneration. The experience concludes with the infusion of essential nutrients into the skin with cutting-edge Transdermal Delivery technology.

Forest Walk Pedicure 75 Minutes

A healing and rejuvenating pedicure that incorporates the powerful benefits of Canadian forest evergreen essences and other nourishing actives. Includes a luxurious exfoliating scrub, a relaxing massage, foot work, a paraffin treatment and an application of polish. This treatment addresses tried legs and feet and offers a refreshing and grounding experience.

Reviving Pedicure 60 Minutes

An energizing lift for the whole body. Includes a foot soak in sea salts and minerals, an invigorating exfoliation and a hydrating paraffin treatment. A foot massage with hydrating body butter and an application of polish completes the treatment.

Shellac Manicure 60 Minutes

Nail shaping and preparation of the nail for CND shellac polish. Followed by a myrrh nail-oil application and body butter arm and hand massage.

Executive Foot Grooming for Men 60 Minutes

This foot grooming stimulates circulation and revitalizes weary feet. Our deluxe pedicure includes a foot soak in sea salts and minerals, an exfoliation, a foot massage with hydrating body butter and a paraffin treatment hydrates, warms and relieves dry, cracked skin.

Reviving Manicure 60 Minutes

Begins with a hand soak and an invigorating hand exfoliation. Followed by a nourishing paraffin treatment and a hand and arm massage with hydrating and skin-conditioning body butter and an application of polish.

Executive Hand Grooming for Men 60 Minutes

This deluxe treatment begins with a hand soak, nail oil application to promote healthy nails, hand exfoliation, and finishes with a luxurious hydrating and skin conditioning body butter hand massage and paraffin treatment to relieve dry skin.

Ultimate Ascent 120 Minutes | 2 people

While in our Spa Couple’s Deluxe Suite, experience deep relaxation with a warm, aromatic footbath and foot scrub, followed by a gentle dry-brush exfoliation and a soothing, hydrating massage. A warm wrap and a gentle face and foot massage complete your journey to tranquility—and rediscovered energy.

Majestic Blue 90 Minutes | 2 people

Relax and enjoy time together. The colour of glaciers, rivers and the sky, blue carries connotations of peace and tranquility. It also underscores this healing experience. Featuring organic mountain lavender (also known as “blue magic”), the treatment includes an invigorating mineral-salt exfoliation, a luxurious wrap and massage with organic essences, including the scalp and feet.

Mountain Memory 90 Minutes | 2 people

This unforgettable mountain experience begins with a dry-brush exfoliation, followed by a deeply nourishing mineral wellness soak. To complete the pampering, choose a 60-minute massage with your choice of oils and customized pressure, light medium or deep.

Hip Honeymooners 60 Minutes | 2 people

Featuring rose petals, rose water and rosehip oil cultivated in the interior of British Columbia, this sensual experience is the perfect addition to your holiday for two. A side-by-side dry-brush exfoliation is followed by a massage with rosehip oil, a full-body wrap and a facial massage. A wonderful way to give or receive roses at any time of year.

Side by Side Couples Massage 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes | 2 people

The perfect gift to give each other is time together. Let the pressures of everyday life melt away with your choice of side-by-side massage with your choice of oils and customized pressure, light medium or deep.

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