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Menu Category: Lunch Buffets

All of our lunch buffets include bakery fresh artisan rolls and butter and fresh coffee, decaffeinated coffee & LOT 35 signature teas.

For groups of less than 25, a $7 per person surcharge will apply.

All food & beverage prices are subject to a mandatory 20% surcharge of which 67% of the surcharge is a gratuity that is distributed to the Hotel’s servers and, as appropriate other staff. The remaining 33% of the surcharge is retained and not distributed as a tip or gratuity to the Hotel employees) by the hotel. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Menu items may contain nut by products. Please advise your Conference Service Manager of any allergies.


– Chef’s soup of the day
– Shaved red cabbage & apple slaw
– Alberta potato salad, cornichons, shallots, parsley, mustard, rosemary vinaigrette
– Baby greens salad, white balsamic dressing, lemon vinaigrette

Choice of 3 sandwiches:
– Vegan wakame, sesame seaweed, tomato, miso sesame hummus, cucumber, crispy chickpeas, sweet potato
– Chicken salad, celery, onions, grapes, croissant bun
– House smoked turkey, cranberry chutney, sage aioli, brioche bun
– Roast Alberta beef, mustard, caramelized onion aioli, aged cheddar, onion-poppy seed roll
– Egg salad, watercress, sourdough
– House smoked ham, swiss, honey mustard, pretzel baguette
– Mufaletta, provolone, olives & pimento tapenade, arugula, focaccia
– Vegan California sandwich, cucumber, avocado, chipotle hummus, roasted red peppers, bean sprouts
– Lemon bars
– Chocolate cookies
– Market fruit salad


– Arugula & beefsteak tomato salad, artichokes, Romano, lemon vinaigrette
– Tomato & bocconcini salad, fresh basil, balsamic vinaigrette
– Caesar salad – kale & romaine, garlic herb croutons, creamy lemon garlic, parmesan cheese
– Mushroom ravioli, marsala braised beef, red fox fungi mushrooms, cipollini onions
– Chicken piccata
– Cheese tortellini, Parmigiana Reggiano alfredo sauce
– Penne pasta, vine tomato, artichokes, kalamata olives, spinach, roasted garlic
– Broccolini, sweet garlic & tomato compote
– Tiramisu, lemon panna cotta, chocolate chip, ricotta cannoli’s


– Potage de legumes, Alberta grains
– Kale salad, red grapes, feta, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, blueberries, Alberta honey vinaigrette
– Grain salad, roasted vegetables, herb vinaigrette
– Cucumber salad with sour cream fresh dill and parsley
– Grilled albacore tuna, fennel & grapefruit slaw, charred tomato coulis
– Sous vide chicken breast, lentil & fava bean salad, warm sherry gastrique
– Roasted cabbages, Romanesco, Brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, kale, herb oil
– Toasted quinoa, mandarin, dried fruit, hazelnut, basil
– Vegan chocolate cake
– Market berry tart, lemon curd
– Sliced fresh fruit


– Broccoli & cheddar soup
– Macaroni salad, green onions, creamy dressing
– Redskin potato salad, celery, smoked bacon, eggs, scallions, grainy mustard dill dressing
– Cabbage & apple slaw, cilantro, lime dressing
– Craft cider roasted whole chicken, charred lemon, garden herbs
– Smoked beef brisket, BBQ sauce
– 7 beans & sweet corn succotash, charred tomato, cilantro
– Sweet potato hash, roasted red pepper, sweet onions, lime crema
– Creamy bacon macaroni & cheese
– Buttermilk & cheddar biscuits
– Seasonal crumble
– Apple pie
– Chocolate chip cookies


– Iceberg & kale salad, charred sweet corn, cumin dressing
– Tomato salad, baby cucumber, red onions, cilantro, lime-mint vinaigrette
– Bean salad, green onions, chipotle vinaigrette
– Catalina style tortilla soup, lime, crispy tortilla stripes
– Drunken beans, queso fresco, cilantro
– Smoked chili rice
– Warm mini flour tortillas, taco shells
– Guacamole, jack cheese, sour cream, charred tomato salsa, pickled jalapeno, onions, lime
Plus pick two taco fillings:
– Pulled pork carnitas
– Chili rubbed chicken
– Crispy cod
– Vegan tex mex cauliflower taco, lentil, turtle bean
-Tres leche, Mexican cookies, coffee sugar dusted churros, abuelita chocolate sauce


– Beer cheese soup, pretzel croutons
– Cucumber salad, fresh dill & parsley, sour cream dressing
– Potato salad, cornichons, parsley, shallots, mustard, cider vinaigrette
– Beet salad, shaved onions, chopped herbs, red wine vinegar
– Pretzel buns, salted butter, beer mustard
– Chicken schnitzel, mushrooms, onions
– Bratwurst, sauerkraut
– Baked alpine spatzle, caramelized onions, gruyère cheese
– Pork kassler, mustard seed dunkel glaze
– Roasted seasonal vegetables
– Black forest trifle, mini Berliner donuts, apple strudels


– Seafood chowder
– Salad maison, baby green salad, red wine vinaigrette
– Watercress & endives, candied walnuts, pear, blue cheese, cranberry dressing
– Roasted cauliflower and carrot salad, pumpkin seeds, herb vinaigrette
– Assorted Canadian cheeses & local cured meats
– Alberta beef striploin roast, confit garlic jus, chimichurri
– Rotisserie chicken, garlic butter
– East coast mussels, scallion butter, Okanagan chardonnay, charred lemon, parsley
– French fries, curds, rich gravy
– Garlic & herb roasted local potatoes
– Braised rainbow carrot, glazed squash, pumpkin seed gremolata
– Tarte au chocolate & caramel, macarons, profiteroles


– Assorted slider buns and mini rolls
– Cabbage slaw, grainy mustard vinaigrette
– Chopped salad: iceberg chiffonade, tomato, pickled onion, b&b pickles
– Sliced cheeses: aged cheddar, Swiss, brie, blue cheese
– Chicken salad, grapes, granny smith, scallion
– Nordic shrimp salad, lemon aioli
– Chicken noodle soup
– Baked beans
– Kettle chips
– Aioli, maple mustard, chipotle aioli, pesto
Plus pick two fillings:
– Stanley’s Smokehouse pulled pork
– Mini beef patty
– Chickpea & lentil patty
– Crispy chicken
– Herb marinated grilled chicken thighs
– Apple crumble, chocolate fudge brownies, raspberry streusel bars


Select 1 soup, 3 salads, 4 main dishes & 3 desserts.
Additional items +$5 per item, per person

– Butternut squash soup, spiced pumpkin seeds
– Chicken noodle soup
– Charred leek and potato
– Roasted tomato soup, herb oil
– Carrot and ginger soup, garlic chips (vegan)
– Foraged mushroom soup, truffle, sourdough croutons

– Creamy cucumber salad with fresh dill, parsley, sour cream
– Tomato & bocconcini salad, olive oil aged balsamic vinegar
– Potato salad, cornichons, parsley, shallots, mustard, apple cider vinaigrette
– Cabbage and apple slaw, cilantro, lime dressing
– Caesar salad, garlic dressing, croutons, parmesan, smoked bacon
– Baby greens salad, white balsamic dressing, lemon vinaigrette
– Grain salad, roasted vegetables, herb vinaigrette
– Warm potato salad, cornichon, sweet onion, mustard seed emulsion
– Israel couscous Mediterranean salad, herb vinaigrette
– Vegan Cobb salad, crispy Cajun tofu


– Tandoori chicken, raita sauce, mint chutney
– Kung Pao chicken, peppers
– Butter chicken, raita, naan
– Whole roasted chicken, preserved lemon, garlic & herb butter
– Grilled herb chicken breast, blistered vine tomatoes, charred scallion pesto
– Grilled flank steak, chimichurri sauce
– Lemon pepper beef
– Beef meat loaf, brioche, herbs, Okanagan fruit ketchup
– Smoked beef brisket, BBQ sauce
– Seared seasonal whitefish, olives, warm tomato vinaigrette
– Seafood hotpot, tomato and fennel broth
– Seared steelhead trout, leek fondue, warm champagne vinaigrette
– Mashed fingerling potatoes, capers & herbs
– Mixed bean cassoulet
– Creamed corn polenta, parmesan cheese
– Seasonal roasted vegetables, balsamic glaze
– Potato, chickpea & eggplant curry, garlic naan
– Mashed fingerling potatoes, capers and herbs
– Baked penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, olives, artichokes, tomato sauce, asiago cheese
– Cheese tortellini, pesto cream sauce, spinach, asiago
– Warm potato salad, cornichon, sweet onion, mustard green emulsion
– Roasted Alberta potato medley, Cajun butter, thyme
– Seasonal vegetable medley
– Vegetable chop suey, bean sprout, cashew
– Egg fried rice
– Cardamom scented basmati rice
– Toasted quinoa, dried fruits
– Alberta grain bowl, roasted pumpkin, pickled pearl onion, sautéed mushrooms, crispy kale, seed gremolata, turmeric aioli
– Paneer curry, eggplant, capsicum, garbanzo

– Lemon cheesecake
– Seasonal crumble
– Apple pie
– Brownies & blondies
– Fruit salad
– Chocolate vegan cake
– Red velvet cupcakes
– Profiteroles & éclairs
– Sliced seasonal fruits
– Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin & shortbread cookies
– Vegan cheesecake, salted caramel fudge
– Vegan chocolate mousse trifle

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