Wellness in Banff National Park

The Best Wellness Activities in Banff National Park

Three words – relax, recharge and rejuvenate. From the moment you step into Banff National Park the vastness of its scenery will transport you into a different state of mind.

Wellness in the Rockies of course is not only for the locals who live in Banff National Park. Those that choose to escape to Banff to relax and recharge and even reignite their passion for life are rewarded with truly awakening experiences. Whether those transformative moments come from taking in the grandeur of the mountains while on a hike or practicing meditation by the rushing rivers – this place is alive. It’s something you need to experience for yourself.

Our guide to the best wellness activities in Banff National Park has been thoughtfully laid out to help you discover the magic of this place for yourself.

Connect With Nature

Recharge your mind and body while in Banff National Park. Known for its amazing outdoor recreational activities, the Canadian Rockies allow its visitors to break out of their daily routines and connect with nature. Studies have shown that nature positively impacts health – physically, emotionally and mentally.

So, breathe in that crisp morning air as you travel through the alpine forests. Allow your mind to go still as you meditate by the Bow River. In Banff – nature is queen and if you respect her, she’ll show you her healing powers.

Photo Credit: Paul Zizka

Forest Bathing

Translated from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is also known as forest therapy. Unlike hiking, which is purposeful movements across terrain, forest bathing isn’t about following a defined route but more about taking a slow walk in the woods and absorbing the surroundings with all your senses. With Banff’s only certified Forest Bathing Guide – Fairmont Banff Springs is offering this new exclusive experience to those looking for a transformative experience. So what can one expect from such an experience? Unlike an interpretive nature walk, the guide’s role is not to focus on explaining the flora and fauna but offering guests the chance to interact with the forest in a meaningful and healing way. For example, participants might be asked to focus on touch and sound.

Learn more about our exclusive Forest Bathing Tour here.

Hiking Or Trail Running In Banff National Park

What better way to connect with nature and yourself than with a hike in Banff National Park. With over 1,600km of trails just waiting to be discovered this year-round activity ensures that you will find amazing moments along the way.

Picture the tranquillity you will find as you climb through the alpine. Nothing beats the quiet forest surrounding you and the sounds of nature as you strive to reach your goal.
Whether you are a seasoned pro at hiking or are just starting out – our Best Hikes in Banff guide will get you started on your wellness journey in Banff.

On The Water

Lake Minnewanka, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Vermilion Lakes all offer their own set of wellness moments. These pristine bodies of water are just the beginning of a long list of amazing lakes that you can find in the Canadian Rockies. Whether exploring them on skates in the winter or renting a canoe or kayak in the summer – most of these glacier-fed bodies of water offer some pretty stunning views in return.

Beat the crowds this summer and join our exclusive Lake Louise & Moraine Lake Tour.

view of lake and mountains in the background
view of blue water in lake with trees in background

Self Care In Banff

We can’t think of a better locale to indulge in some much-needed self-care than Banff National Park. Home to the best spas, treatments and more – taking the time to pamper yourself is just as important as connecting with nature or working on your fitness.

The Spa

Far be it for us to toot our own horn but there is no better spot to indulge in some self-care than Banff’s best spa – the Fairmont Spa.

Home to a plethora of treatments, 3 mineral pools, saunas, steam rooms, a quiet meditation lounge and more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing spa in the Canadian Rockies.

Fitness & Movement

The benefits of keeping your body moving are no secret – exercise not only keeps your body healthy, it stimulates the mind and soul. During your visit to Banff, the variety of fitness classes available to you are in no shortage. So whether you are dropping into a class available at our fitness centre or looking to swim some laps in our indoor pool, fitness and movement are always top of mind for us.

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