Fairmont Loves Winter

The Top 9 Things We Love About February in Banff

Fairmont Loves February – our hotel’s annual ode to all the things we love. Our love of winter, our love for the outdoors, our love for the Castle, our love for love and last but not least, our love for Banff National Park. If this time of the year has you thinking of an escape, you are in luck. With tons of possible activities available in Banff National Park in winter for you and your hunny, this February will be jam-packed with tons of memories to last a lifetime.

So, where to start? What makes Banff so wonderful as a travel destination is that it’s home to a plethora of activities. This allows you to build a multi-day itinerary and still never run out of things to do! From exploring the great outdoors to finding the coziest nooks in the Castle, we’ve got the ultimate list of things you can do in Banff, Alberta, in February.

Fairmont Loves The Outdoors

1. Outdoor skating

You can’t say the word winter and Banff and not think of some epic skating locations! From taking a twirl on Lake Louise, Vermillion Lakes and other spectacular outdoor skating venues in Banff National Park, we would be remiss if we didn’t include our very own Winter Wonderland to that stellar list.

Located just steps from the hotel, our Winter Wonderland boasts a gorgeous backdrop for some bucket-list skating. Think 360° panoramic views of the mountains and the hotel. Visit our new this season Sugar Shack to warm up with some true Canadian refreshments and a fire pit to keep you toasty as you take turns performing triple axels on the rink (although safety first, if a triple axel is not in your wheelhouse don’t worry, you’ll have a great time regardless).

Skating Rink, Fairmont Banff Springs

2. Snowshoeing

Quickly becoming a popular pastime in Banff, snowshoeing is a pretty fantastic way to see the Canadian Rockies. Banff National Park is home to some pretty exceptional snow conditions, and snowshoeing allows for a peaceful way to explore. Expect lots of perfectly still serene moments on the trail and enjoy your surroundings, these are the moments that will last a lifetime.

If you are an experienced explorer and snowshoeing is something you are comfortable with, you can check out many of the trails around the park; however, we recommend checking the Parks Canada site to learn about trail conditions.

To all newbies looking to experience snowshoeing, some destination companies offer guided experiences, including our very own in-house guided snowshoe experience available through the hotel.

three people walking away from lodge with snowshoes

3. Skiing

Skiing in Banff National Park is not just an activity to do (not to the locals at least). It’s a culture, a way of life, and it sparks some pretty heated debates over skiing techniques, gear and anything else. However, skiing in Banff is super accessible, even if it’s your first time. With three world-renowned ski resorts, all located short distances away from the town of Banff; the choice is yours on where you want to start.

Each of the three hills, Mt. NorquaySunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort, all have a mile-long list of pro’s as to why you need to check them out, but the thing they all share in common, besides impeccable runs and stunning backdrops, is that they offer ski lessons. Which is great news to those looking to get an introduction to the sport.

Also, the town is in no shortage of places to rent ski gear. So there is no excuse not to fall in love with Banff’s favorite pastime.

PS – check out our local’s guide to the best ski runs in Banff National Park.

Photography credit: Reuben Krabbe / SkiBig3

4. Head Up The Gondola

Need an easy way to see Banff National Park but not looking to break a sweat? The Banff Gondola offers some magnificent views of the Canadian Rockies and the town of Banff. It’s one of those activities that will leave you in awe of how truly grand the Canadian Rockies are.

Besides taking in the sights, the Gondola offers some great dining options and even a night light show called Nightrise, which provides a unique and different perspective of Banff National Park. Watch the stars come out and the town of Banff shining below as you breathe in that crisp mountain air and take in the light show.

Phtography Credit: Noel Hendrickson

Fairmont Loves Celebrating Love

5. Celebrate Valentine’s Day

With the Castle as the backdrop, few locales can match the romantic atmosphere the hotel gives off, which is why this Valentine’s Day if you are looking to spoil that special someone with a fantastic getaway, we’ve got you covered. Whether you treat them to an intimate dinner in The Vermillion Room, a couple’s massage or even a sweetheart private snowshoe tour – chances are this Valentine’s Day is one they will never forget.

couple looking off at the mountains

6. Celebrate Family Day

Rounding out the month of activities is our Family Day weekend. This jam-packed weekend is full of family activities that you’ll love. From lively game nights to ice skating and even a sugar shack, it’ll be a sweet time to spend time with the ones closest to you.

Photography Credit: Kelly MacDonald

Fairmont Loves the Art of Hygge

7. Pamper yourself at the spa

What could be more lovely than having some R n’ R? Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your loved one over a couple’s treatment or escape for an afternoon of well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation, The Fairmont Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs has the perfect treatment to suit your mood.

8. Experience The 360° Dome

From watching the sunrise with an early risers breakfast to gazing up at the stars with cocktails and snacks in hand, our 360° Dome is the perfect cozy spot to capture the magic of the outdoors just without all the winter layers!

Enjoy everything from breakfast, brunch, charcuterie, dinner and more! For a full list of experiences available, click here.

exterior view of 360 dome in winter

9. Curl Up With A Cocktail & Snack

What you eat is also essential to creating those hygge vibes (the art of coziness pronounced huh-gue), and the Danish practise this in moderation! The art of hygge and eating is about indulging in what brings you comfort and familiarity. While in some countries this means pastries, carbs and more, it really is different for everyone.

Here at the hotel, we’re lucky to have 13 restaurants and bars that serve indulgent comfort food, fantastic drinks and intimate atmospheres that will give you cozy vibes all year round. From homemade sweets and pastries found in our Afternoon Tea towers to hot beverages served at our beloved STOCK Food & Drink to soothing cocktails in the Sidecar Room in our famed Rundle Bar – you’ll be able to enjoy those delights here.

person sits in a chair in front of fireplace in Rundle Bar

February is a truly magical time to explore our mountain backyard and we hope you love it!

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